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plimmerton kombucha

Lemon & Ginger Kombucha

Super refreshing with a thirst quenching lemon bite & a sharp ginger hit, made from real, fresh ginger root. The best hangover cure hands down..

plimmerton kombucha

Crisp Apple Kombucha

Fresh and crisp as the name suggests, its a great alternative to alcohol - like drinking a crisp apple cider, but without the hangover.

plimmerton kombucha

Berry Kombucha

100% real berries used to infuse our black tea kombucha over a 3 day period, giving this crowd favorite its great flavor and colour.

plimmerton kombucha

Orange & Turmeric Kombucha

This has got to be good for you with all the health benefits of turmeric added with the super probiotic goodness in our kombucha.

plimmerton kombucha

Jasmine Kombucha

Our only product that has no fruit or spices added, its 100% straight Kombucha. Made from Jasmine tea, This booch has a crystal clear appearance and a subtle crisp flavor. Looks like champagne when served in a glass.